Atma Retreat

Atma Retreat

The 3-day 2 2-night retreat at Pasraman Bali Eling Spirit is specifically designed to relieve fatigue and tiredness due to problems related to past karmic journeys, as well as to achieve a deep spiritual experience through yoga and meditation

This retreat also serves as an opportunity to process healing from any illness you may be currently experiencing.

To achieve maximum results in this process, it is very important to do it with complete sincerity and wise. During the retreat, train yourself to feel present in the present moment and use a journal to record your gratitude, the learning you gain, and inspiration from the positive messages that emerge on this retreat.

Additionally, it is highly recommended to quit social media and cell phone use to achieve the best results.


Activities in Atma Retreat:

  • 3 Sunrise Bali Hatha Yoga
  • 2 Sunset Detox Yin Yoga
  • 10 Healing Mindfulness Meditations
  • 1 Mother Earth Purification
  • 1 Exercusion to a sacred temple (Cultural Heritage Protected by Unesco)
  • 2 Sacred Sound Healing for stress release
  • 1 hour spa relaxing massage
  • Workshops: How to Manifest with the Power of Mind
  • 1 Private Consultation
  • Journaling is carried out throughout the retreat


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Q: What is the difference between Atma Retreat and Tapa Brata?
  • A: Atma Retreat is provided when participants are unable to attend Tapa Brata’s regular schedule, this program adapts to participant flexibility. Besides that, this program is more private because it adapts to the participant’s schedule.
  • Q: Who needs Atma Retreat?
  • A: Those of you who feel overthinking, traumatized, trapped in a toxic circle, experiencing excessive anxiety, losing direction in life, insomnia, and want to recognize your identity but cannot follow Tapa Brata’s regular schedule.
  • Q: Does attending the Atma Retreat require staying at Pasraman?
  • A: Yes. Following the Atma Retreat, it is recommended to stay overnight at Pasraman so that your body, heart, mind, and soul are protected from interference or distraction from negative energy from outside. Pasraman provides a calm environment that allows participants to fully focus on undergoing the Atma Retreat and spiritual practices.
  • Q: Is there a follow-up program after attending the Atma Retreat?
  • A: Yes, the next step is YTT 50 H to be able to heal yourself independently, and the next step is YTT 200 H to have a broader and deeper spiritual awareness.
  • Q: Will I be cured by attending the Atma Retreat?
  • A: The success rate of Atma Retreat is 97% so it has a very positive influence on accelerating healing and also accelerating problem-solving, including accelerating spiritual awareness.
  • Q: Is this program only available in Bali?
    A: Yes, because the vibrations at Pasraman Bali Eling Spirit have a huge influence on the success of the Atma Retreat.
  • Q: Does the Atma Retreat have to be done more than once?
  • A: Yes, Atma Retreat is highly recommended to be done once a year to detox negative energy absorbed by the body, heart, mind, and soul.

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