Tapa Brata

Tapa Brata

Program for Healing Emotional Wounds, Trauma, Sadness, Revenge, Anxiety, and Recognizing Your True Self

Tapa Brata is a 4-day 3-night retreat program designed to follow ancestral traditions packaged in contemporary ways/methods so that it can be followed by all participants. Inspired by local Indonesian wisdom as a spiritual practice to get closer to the pure consciousness of God.

Tapa Brata is a healing process for inner wounds, trauma, past grudges, and sadness. Opening your thoughts, understanding of life, and spiritual views that lead you to the natural activation of your body’s Chakras and Kundalini Energy so that you begin to create a life full of gratitude, a more positive aura, better health and you begin to recognize your true self.


Activities in Tapa Brata:

  • Sharing Circle
  • 7-Chakra Purification
  • Guided by the Discipline of Meditation 3x a Day
  • Digestive Detox System
  • Detox Releases Negative Emotions
  • Eling Walking, Yoga Asana, and Pranayama
  • Meditate on sacred sites and be one with nature
  • Spiritual Workshop
  • Personal Spiritual Counseling with Jero Ratni, Aji Bhagawan, and Yogi Authorized

What will learn?

  • Recognize the origins of our birth in this world.
  • Recognize the sacred layers of the body and are integral to life’s success.
  • Exercise builds a holistically healthy and balanced life.
  • How to change negative thoughts into positive spirits.
  • How to build a positive life reality and always be lucky.
  • How to heal yourself (self healing).


Benefits of Tapa Brata:

  • A peaceful and grateful heart
  • Love yourself more
  • There is an improvement in health and healing from the disease suffered
  • Get solutions to problems you have been facing
  • Able to do correct meditation independently
  • Get maximum meditation results
  • Break free from the cycle of bad habits that are detrimental to yourself and your family
  • Get a spiritual message
  • Can build a healthy, happy, and abundant life



  • Accommodation
  • Healthy food 3x a day (vegetarian)
  • Eling Spirit Bali Pasraman Uniform
  • Goodie bag (Modules and stationery)
  • Professional Documentation Photos
  • Test Your Personality


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: Who needs Tapa Brata?
  • A: Those of you who feel overthinking, traumatized, trapped in a toxic circle, experiencing excessive anxiety, losing direction in life, insomnia, insecurity, and want to recognize your identity.
  • Q: Is Tapa Brata open to all participants?
  • A: Yes, this program is not tied to any particular belief. The basis of teaching here is yoga, meditation, spiritual mastery, and life mastery.
  • Q: What is the essence of the Tapa Brata Program?
  • A: Tapa Brata helps participants to release the negative effects of past karma.
  • Q: Does following Tapa Brata require staying at Pasraman?
  • A: Yes. Following Tapa Brata, it is recommended to stay overnight at Pasraman so that the body, heart, mind, and soul are protected from interference or distraction from negative energy from the outside. Pasraman provides a calm environment that allows participants to fully focus on undertaking Asceticism and spiritual practices.
  • Q: Is there a follow-up program after Tapa Brata?
  • A: Yes, the next step is YTT 50 H to be able to heal yourself independently, and the next step is YTT 200 H to have a broader and deeper spiritual awareness.
  • Q: Will I be cured by following Tapa Brata?
  • A: The success rate of Tapa Brata is 97% so it has a very positive influence on accelerating healing and also accelerating problem-solving, including accelerating spiritual awareness.
  • Q: Is this program only implemented in Bali?
  • A: Yes, because the vibrations at Pasraman Bali Eling Spirit have a huge influence on the success of Tapa Brata.
  • Q: Does Tapa Brata have to be done more than once?
  • A: Yes, Tapa Brata is highly recommended to be done once a year to detox negative energy absorbed by the body, heart, mind and soul.

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