Healing Retreat

Healing Retreat

The 5-hour retreat, starting at 8 AM – 1 PM, is specifically designed to relieve fatigue and tiredness from all the current problems and busyness. Use this time to clear energy imbalances within yourself. The goal is to return with happiness, enthusiasm, and positive vibrations.

For maximum results, do it with sincerity and surrender. Use this short time as an offering to God and honor yourself. Train yourself to feel the present moment and use a journal to record the gratitude, learning, and positive messages you find during the retreat.


Activities in Healing Retreat:

  • Karma Alignment Meditation
  • Sunrise Bali Hatha Yoga
  • Healthy Breakfast
  • Sacred Sound Healing for stress relief
  • Mother Earth Purification
  • Visit to the holy temple (Protected Cultural Heritage by UNESCO)
  • Healthy Lunch


What to Learn:

  • Get to know and understand yoga and pranayama.
  • Know what pranayama detox and negative body energy are.
  • A moment to return to true self-awareness.
  • Recognize all kinds of problems within yourself as seeds of thought.
  • Release all pain and emotions within yourself.
  • Learn to accept yourself as you are and flow.
  • Bringing gratitude from within.
  • Recognize that nature is part of the body’s elements and vice versa.


Final Results of the Healing Retreat Program

  • The body, heart, and mind are calmer and more peaceful
  • Can be peaceful and forgive the past
  • Love yourself
  • More optimistic about the future
  • Alignment of Karma with holy water
  • Be more connected to natural energy


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: Who is suitable to take part in the Healing Retreat Program?
  • A: Those of you who want to take time, unwind from work, release trauma, and those who want to build positive vibrations.
  • Q: Is the Healing Retreat Program held privately?
  • A: No. If the date chosen coincides with the Healing Retreat schedule with other participants, then all participants will be grouped.
  • Q: What is the essence of the Healing Retreat Program?
  • A: This program relieves fatigue and tiredness from all the current problems and busyness and brings you back with happiness, full of enthusiasm, positive vibrations, and connects within yourself.
  • Q: Is there a continue program for the Healing Retreat?
  • A: Yes. The next step of the Healing Retreat Program is Tapa Brata or Karma Retreat (Private) or Punarbawa Retreat (Private). The content of this program is more complex to release the negative effects of past karma.
  • Q: Does this program require a reservation?
  • A: That’s right. Reservations can be made H-2 from the selected date.

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