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Pasraman Bali Eling Spirit is the place where the journey of personal transformation begins.

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Pasraman Bali Eling Spirit
Your Divine Home to Transform

Your Divine Home to Transform

A place to transform, discover your identity, build awareness, health and balance in life holistically through yoga, meditation, life mastery and Dharma. Pasraman Bali Eling Spirit exists as a place of change and growth of the True Self. This is where Friends can embark on a journey of transformation to explore and understand the essence of the true self through deep yoga practices and meditation that soothe the soul. With a life mastery approach, we direct you steps towards a deeper understanding of themselves and the meaning of Dharma in life. Our goal is to help you build deep awareness, develop life balance, and achieve holistic well-being. Pasraman Bali Eling Spirit is the place where the journey of personal transformation begins.


Together we find our identity to achieve Mokshartam Jagaditha Ya Ca Iti Dharma​.


  • Building the character of Balinese human resources through the Balinese spirit, namely Tri Hita Karana, Panca Sraddha and ashtangga yoga (ashtanga yoga).
  • Developing the teachings of Yoga and Sanatana Dharma to the general public in Bali.
  • Building a balanced life for the Balinese people through four aspects of intelligence, namely physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (the spirit of swastika/tapak dara/dabbing pamor)
  • Developing the teachings of Yoga and Sanatana Dharma to the general public in Bali.
  • Introducing and balancing the four basics and paths of religion, namely Catur Marga Yoga, so that it is able to produce conscious, chivalrous, virtuous, self-confident and balanced humans.
  • Most Frequent Questions
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    Please contact us to ask about the right time to visit so you won't be disappointed, because the Pasraman team often goes on spiritual trips or dharma yatras.

    Meanwhile, Pasraman has not provided accommodation for visitors who want to stay overnight. If visitors are taking part in a retreat or training program that does not allow roundtrips, visitors will be helped to find accommodation outside the pasraman. Pray that Pasraman will soon be able to own and provide accommodation in the Pasraman area.

    Please explore the Pasraman website at any time, because Pasraman always develops programs to serve and help the community in their self-development.

    Healing is only carried out by each individual and God. The team at Pasraman only guides and develops how to become your own healer. If healing therapy occurs and a miracle of healing occurs, it is all just the patient's own strength and God's strength.

    Yes. Please contact the admin for more specifics according to your own problem.

    Pasraman has many free programs via YouTube and also paid programs that you can follow and are of very good quality to achieve self-purity and self-development in life and spiritually.

    In fact, everything and anything we receive from this universe is free and freely provided for us to enjoy, including life and spiritual knowledge. However, management, organization, management, processes and conditions of life nowadays all require exchange values that have been determined by the universe and the world. So, we submit to the current provisions to grow and develop in the Kali Yuga era.

    It depends on us, God created humans to be given free will to be responsible and determine everything to be arranged so that it can run well, whether we can give for free or for a fee. However, Pasraman is always divided into two parts. Even though there are free programs, they still have the same quality as paid programs or only donations or donations. There are also paid ones whose value has been determined by the pasraman, whether the payment is high or low is relatively up to each individual. Paid programs are special problems that require energy, equipment, special techniques, time and costs that must be shared. It is important to note that the pasraman does not yet have a special donor to finance all its operations and workforce, while it still needs payment, donations or financial support from outside so that the pasraman's activities to serve and operate continue to run well. Hopefully you are called to do punia also for the progress of pasraman and the development of life and spiritual sciences for society.

    1. When? During retreat training (tapa brata yoga samadhi) or yoga teacher training.
    2. The form? Can help with cooking, cleaning, teaching yoga if you are certified and experienced, etc. Please contact admin for more specifics.
    3. How long? From a few hours to months.

    There are two ways to learn or Aguron-guron:

    • First. study freely, meaning that every time there is an activity, training or program, you can participate freely without being bound by strict, disciplined and regular regulations or agurons as determined by Ida Sri Bhagawan Sriprada Bhaskara. Of course the results and processes are different from those bound by the Aguron-guron provisions.
    • Second. Studying aguron-guron, you are guided and initiated under the guidance of Ida Sri Bhagawan and other Masters in living life and spiritual development, whether to become a yogi or healer or pinandita or pandita.
    No. You have to realize that you are special and different from others, maybe you need to be a vegetarian and maybe other people don't choose to be vegetarian. Maybe you don't need to be vegetarian and someone else should be. However, the awareness that develops within you thanks to the spiritual discipline or sadhana that you undergo and enlightenment from Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, you will gradually abandon any bad habits automatically based on your own soul's call and karma. So, vegetarianism is your personal choice in living your life, but during the yoga training process, you will be given satwik foods (without animal meat).

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    What they say about
    Pasraman Bali Eling Spirit

    Pengalaman yang sangat luar biasa bisa berada di Pasraman dan mengikuti Tapa Brata 4 hari. Perjalanan yang menyenangkan, teman-teman yang begitu baik dan supportive, juga Aji dan bu Jro juga para team yogi yang ramah dan penuh kasih. Semoga semua makhluk berbahagia

    Ergulina Mahadiarta Peserta

    Klas Tapa brata yang saya ikuti sangat menajubkan... sangat membangunkan spiritual saya yg sudah hampir padam, apalagi saat bermeditasi dialam, energi positifnya sangat besar sekali dgn kadar oksigen yg sangat bersih. Sungguh membuat kami peserta mengalami momen ini tidak bisa dilupakan. Pokoknya mantap buat pasraman bali eling spirit.

    Rostini Pho Peserta

    Dalam bangett di hati dan sangat berarti untuk kehidupan , tempat juga nya indah

    Alfa Saitama Peserta

    Sungguh suatu berkah mengetahui tempat ini. Saya akhir mencari tempat untuk retret singkat saya menemukan Bali Eling.5 jam kami melakukan langkah demi langkah, dan berakhir dengan senyum cerah.Saya suka tempat ini, suasananya, orang-orangnya. Semoga bisa bertemu lagi di lain waktu. Terima kasih kepada para yogi bli Su yang telah memimpin kami mencapai keselarasan.

    A Kurniawan Peserta

    Tempat yang bagus yang membuat saya belajar banyak untuk mengubah diri saya sepenuhnya. Semua orang sangat baik dan memberikan getaran positif

    Tina Rosemayanti Peserta

    Pengalaman Healing retreat yang kurang lebih hanya 5 jam di Pasraman merubah cara saya melihat diri. Team sahabat pasraman membagikan energi positive yang sampai saya pulang masih terasa. Terima kasih sabahat Pasraman, semangat terus membantu pemulihan sahabat sahabat kita di luar sana

    Aulia Wijayanti Peserta

    Pasraman Bali
    Eling Spirit